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Half Cat

The other day I was walking to the library and encountered a very dead cat, who was still in rigor mortis, but who also had been freshly licked vigorously by some other animal. Sections of its fur were in wet, patchy waves which made it appear like a ludicrous attempt at a postmortem bathing of a cat. I cannot experience something like this dead cat without returning to my youth…It thrust me immediately into a specific time and a particular place—my hometown in the hills of Northwest Georgia, to the 4th grade when one Saturday a month my parents shopped me out to the Sunday School teacher to go a visiting, and finally to the discovery of a half-cat, and the mysterious work of the Santanics.

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The Snake as Keeper of the Secrets

Throughout history there has been a universal tradition in the mythology of ancient cultures wherein the snake is recognized as the keeper of the hidden secrets. The Nasseene Fragment quoted above, found as a quotation in Hippolytus of Rome’s encyclopedic “Refutations of All Heresies,” most likely refers to Jesus pleading with God to allow him to descend into the material world to rescue Sophia, who has lost her way in the illusions of this world, and when rescued becomes the personification of divine wisdom (“Sophia” means wisdom).