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Magick and Language

I have been interested in linguistics ever since I moved to the US from Poland in ‘84. Having to learn a new language at the age of 9, I was struck by the beauty of actual linguistic mechanics. Because Polish and English are part of the Indo-European language group, I began to notice patterns. Polish, a Slavic language, belongs to the Satem, or Eastern, Branch of Indo-European. Therefore Polish is much closer to the original Proto Indo-European. Polish has many archaic aspects as well as a grammatical complexity similar to Sanskrit, her sister language, which shares the the same Eastern Branch. Lithuanian also shares many of these same archaic froms. For example, we have nine steps of declination and Latin only has seven steps. Our word order…

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Half Cat

The other day I was walking to the library and encountered a very dead cat, who was still in rigor mortis, but who also had been freshly licked vigorously by some other animal. Sections of its fur were in wet, patchy waves which made it appear like a ludicrous attempt at a postmortem bathing of a cat. I cannot experience something like this dead cat without returning to my youth…It thrust me immediately into a specific time and a particular place—my hometown in the hills of Northwest Georgia, to the 4th grade when one Saturday a month my parents shopped me out to the Sunday School teacher to go a visiting, and finally to the discovery of a half-cat, and the mysterious work of the Santanics.