A History of Magic and Experimental Science During the First Thirteen Centuries of Our Era


By Lynn Thorndike

Published 1928 to 1930’s

Eight Volume Set

Some Sections Include: Pliny’s Account of Magic, Pliny’s Science of the Magi, Magical Science, Seneca and Ptolemy: Natural Divination and Astrology, Ancient Applied Science and Magic, Greek Alchemy, Philostratus’s Life of Appollonius of Tyana, Hermetic Books in the Middle Ages, Solomon and the Ars Notoria, Ancient and Medieval Dream Books, Albertus Magnus, His Allusions to Magic, The Gnostics, Treatises on the Arts Before the Induction of Arabic Alchemy, Arabic Occult Science of the Ninth Century, The Speculum Astronomiae, Experiements and Secrets Chemical and Magical, Picatrix, The Lullian Alchemical Collection, Magic Art, Astrological Surgery and Medicine, Giovanni Da Fontana, Etc. Etc.

Bound hardback with light shelfwear, would make a fine addition to any occult library.

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