Leah Sublime


Undated Circa 1945

By Aleister Crowley

This unbound typescript of one of Crowley’s most infamously obscene poems and was most likely made by either or Karl Germer or Gerald Yorke, and clandestinely circulated to a few close friends (Leah Sublime remained unpublished until about 1975).

The typescript consists of a single leaf, folded in order to give four 4” x 10” pages. A little age-darkened, otherwise very good condition.

The typescript on offer is from the collection of Crowley’s long-term friend Frater Agape (Edward Noel FitzGerald, 1908-1958), a IXth Degree member of the Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and avid collector of Crowley’s works. Frater Agape went on to become Karl Germer’s representative in Britain.

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