The Red Goddess


By Peter Grey

Scarlet Imprint, Summer Solstice 2008

Following the 2007 release of the first edition of The Red Goddess (itself limited to 156 copies), Scarlet Imprint published this extremely limited Deluxe Edition, strictly limited to just 49 copies.

Each of the 49 Deluxe Editions of The Red Goddess was quarter bound in black leather and red silk, slipcased, with pages featuring gilded edges, inscribed to the owner, signed by the author, and hand-numbered. On offer here is copy #19 of 49.

In order to purchase one of these Deluxe Editions, an application had to be made, in which the purchaser demonstrated that s/he was a true devotee of Babalon. Needless to say, this Deluxe Edition of The Red Goddess is extremely rare and highly sought after.

The copy, including slipcase, is in genuine mint condition with all pages clean and unmarked.

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