The Works of Aleister Crowley



With Portraits Opposite Title Page
(Originally published in 1905 to 1907, this circa 1970’s)

•••••Partial Contents•••••
• Songs of the Spirits
• The Alchemist
• Jephthah-Preliminary Invocation
• The Temple of the Holy Ghost
• Carmen Saeculare
• The Star and The Garter
• Oracles
• The God Eater
• Ambrosii Magi Hortus Rosarum
• Science and Buddhism

“EXCERPT FROM TEXT: An Essay in Ontology With Some Remarks on Ceremonial Magic: The Hindus enumerate Brahm, infinite in all dimensional and directions-indistinguishable from the Peroma of the Gnostics-and Maya, illusion. This is in a sense the antethesis of noumenon and phenomenon. being negated of all predicated until it becomes almost extinguishable in the Nichts under the title of the Alles”

All three books are bound hardback in beautiful red with gold gilt. Frontis Piece illustrations. Light shelfwear only and previous owners sigil on title page in pen. books appear to have been well cared for by their previous owner. An unusual complete set of the writings of the occult magus Aleister Crowley, would be a fine addition to any rare occult library.