Witchcraft and Demonianism by C. L’Estrange Ewen


Witchcraft and Demonianism by C. L’Estrange Ewen, published in 1933. A Concise Account Derived From Sworn Depositions and Confessions Obtained in the Courts of England and Wales. Illustrated. Sections Include: The Satanic Organization, The Coven, The Pact, The Indentity of Devils, Diabollic Possession, Conjuration for Buried Treasure, Levitation, Incindiarism, The Lancanshire Witches, The Indentity of the Devils, A London Witch, A Cornish Fairy Tale, The Lancashire Witches, A Derbyshire Witch, etc etc. etc. Hardcover with original jacket with shelfwear to corners and ends of jacket.