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+PALAMAS+PALAMAS has been incardinated as a Metropolitan of the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar, and Exarch of The Misraim Chapel Rite. He holds a Charter for a Research & Philosophical Lodge of Memphis-Misraim.

Along with being an active Martinist, he is the Chaplain of the OTOA-LCN and serves in the Neo-Pythagorean Gnostic Church, The Confraternity of Oblates of the Monastery of the Seven Rays, and the Boullan Academy of Spiritual Service.  He is the author & illustrator of Syzygy, Reflections on the Monastery of the Seven Rays, Hadean Press, 2013. 

An art teacher for over eighteen years, he is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in English & Creative Writing/Non-Fiction.  Situated on the top of a ridge in Northwest Georgia, he officiates with his wife Salome+, in their small parish–the Chapel of the Gnosis. 

His forthcoming works include, Gnostic Spaces, the Visionary Art of +Palamas (2014), and SPIRIT BUILDERS, a Free Illuminist Approach to the Antient & Primitive Rite of Memphis+Misraim (2015), both being published by TRANSMUTATION PUBLISHING.

Transmutation Publishing specializes in rare books, art, and ephemera
with an emphasis on esotericism, ancient civilizations, and the arts. They also publish limited run, special works, in fine bindings.

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