Ancient Civilization

  • Babylonian Life and History

    Babylonian Life and History by Sir. E. A. Wallis Budge, undated circa 1920. Sections Include: The Country of Babylonia and the Euphrates and Tigris, Babylonian Chronology and History, The City of Babylon, The Babylonian Story of the Creation, The Babylonian Story of the Flood, The Code of Laws of Khammurabi, Babylonian Religious and Magical Literature, Legends, etc., Babylonian Writing and Learning, The Excavations at Kish, Near Babylon. etc. etc. Hardcover with light shelfwear and soiling to boards. Inner pastedown contains part of the original dust jacket pasted. Also first blank page contains a pasted newspaper article announcing the death of the author.

  • Christianity and American Freemasonry

    Christianity and American Freemasonry by William Whalen, published in 1958. Sections Include: Origin of Masonry, Masonic Initiation, Scottish and York Rites, The Masonic Oaths, Other Forbidden Secret Societies, etc. etc. Hardcover with original jacket with light shelfwear.

  • The Baital Pachchisi

    The Baital Pachchisi or the Twenty Five Tales of a Sprite Translated from the Hindi Text of Dr. Duncan Forbes by John Platts, published in 1871. An unusual collection of ancient Hindu legends originally written in Sanskrit. Hardcover with bright gilt lettering on spine, light shelfwear only and occasional foxing to text.

  • Etruscan Magic and Occult Remedies

    By Charles Leland

    Published in 1963

    Sections Include:

    • Gods and Goblins
    • Walnut Witches
    • Hail and Cloud Men
    • Of Sorcery in Ancient Art
    • Incantations
    • Divination
    • Medicine
    • Amulets
  • The Life of the Greeks and Romans

    Described from Antique Monuments by W. Koner

    Undated circa 1880.

    Illustrated with over 500 woodcuts. A fascinating in depth study of the ancient temples and sacred architecture of the Greeks and Romans.

    Bound hardcover with decorative embossing and light shelfwear to corners and ends.

  • Reincarnation the Cycle of Necessity

    By Manly P. Hall

    Published in 1939

    First edition. Sections Include: Reincarnation in Ancient India, The Reborn Lamas of Tibet, Soulmates, Shanti Devi, etc. etc.

    Bound hardcover with light shelfwear only.

  • The Development of Japan

    By Kenneth Latrourette

    Published in 1931

    Sections Include: The Geographic Setting of Japan, From the Earliest Times to the Introduction of Buddhism, From the Introduction of Buddhism to the Organization of the Shogunate, From the Accession of Iysyasu to the Coming of Perry, The Boxer Uprising, War with Russia, etc. etc.

    Bound hardcover with light shelfwear only.

  • The Cult of the Seer in the Ancient Middle East

    By Violet MacDermot

    Published in 1971

    Sections Include: The Faculty of Vision, The Decline of Oracles, Withdrawal from the Environment of the Senses, The Ascetic Way of Life, Self Isolation, Prolonged Solitude, Self Enclosure, Self Mortification, Self Infliction of Pain, Devices for Preventing Rest, Food Deprivation, Heavenly Food, Sleep Deprivation, Nights of Vigil, etc. etc.

    Bound hardcover with original jacket with light shelf wear.

  • Studies on The Iconograpy of Cosmic Kingship in the Ancient World

    By H.P. L’Orange

    Published in 1953

    Sections Include: The Cosmic City of the Ancient East, The Astral Symbols of Power, Astral Thrones, Temples and Palaces in the Ancient Near East, The Astral Ascension of the Sassanian King, Lucifer, The Ancient Eastern Throne in the Christian Iconography, The Gesture of Power, Cosmocrater’s Sign, The Sign of Logos, The Speaking Christ, The Speaking Hand in the Christian and Sabazios Cult, Etc. etc.

    Bound hardback with original dust jacket with light shelfwear to corners and ends. Illustrated. Would make a fine addition to any library.

  • 1800 True History of the Conquest of Mexico

    The author of this work was a Spanish soldier under the command of Hernan Cortez who witnessed first hand Spanish campaigns against the Aztec empire. In this fascinating book Cortez describes the many battles as well as some more startling aspects of Aztec culture to the Spanish conquistadors such as their use of human sacrifice and religious customs.
    True History of the Conquest of Mexico
    Written originally in the year 1568, this is the first english edition, and was published in London in the year 1800.
    By Captain Bernal Diaz del Castillo
    Translated from the original Spanish text by Maurice Keatinge Esq.
    Bound hardback in leather with raised bands on spine and includes the stunning map engraving frontis piece opposite the title page. Shelfwear to boards but holding well, a few scattered marginalia in fountain pen but does not effect readability of text. Some pages show margin repair. A beautiful copy of this rare first hand account as seen through the eyes of a common soldier.