• Flowers and Folk-Lore from Far Korea by Florence Hendleston-Crane

    Flowers and Folk-Lore from Far Korea by Florence Hendleston-Crane, published in 1969. Limited edition, number 407 of 1000 printed. Issued by The Garden Club of Seoul. Oversized hardcover near fine, illustrated with tipped in plates.

  • Herbal Highs

    A Legal Guide to Natural Narcotics, Psychedelics and Stimulant’s

    Published in 1970

    Sections Include: Wild Cucumber, Lobelia, Kava-Kava, Morning Glory, Hawaiian Baby Wood Rose, California Poppy, Wild Lettuce, Nutmeg, Damiana, Etc. Etc.

    A treasury of obscure plants used by ancient shamans to induce a hallucinogenic state. Booklet bound in stiff paper covers with light wear only with some rusting to staples.

  • Growing the Hallucinogens

    How to Cultivate and Harvest Legal Psychoactive Plants

    By Hugson Grubber

    Published in 1981

    Sections on Mescal Beans, Morning Glory, Coleus, Belladonna, Betel Nut, Etc. Etc.

    Bound softcover with light shelfwear only.

  • Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants

     A Book of Valuable Information for Growers as Well as Collectors of Medicinal Roots, Barks, Leaves, Etc.

    By A. R. Harding

    Published in 1908

    Sections On Medicinal Herbs, Forest Plants, Forest Roots, Golden Seal, Seneca Snakeroot, Etc. Etc. Hardback in decorative embossed board depicting a ginseng plant.

    Light shelfwear only.