• The Light of Egypt or The Science of the Soul and the Stars In Two Volumes

    An unusual work issued by one of the founder of an occult secret society known as the Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.

    The Light of Egypt: The Science of the Stars and Soul by T. Burgoyne, published in 1969. This is a two volume set covering the magical teachings of a secret society that practiced occultism that was ancient Egypt hermetic based. Really great illustrated diagrams including one depicting the elemental entities. Bound hardback with decorative embossing. Light shelfwear to corners and ends.

  • Spiritual Teachings of Swami Abhedananda

    Spiritual Teachings of Swami Abhedananda Translated into English by P. Sheshadri Aiyer, published in 1962. The teachings of the founder of the Vedanta Society and a direct disciple of the 19th century mystic Ramakrishna Paramahansa. Previous owners inscription on endsheet. Hardcover with original jacket with light shelfwear only.

  • Babylonian Life and History

    Babylonian Life and History by Sir. E. A. Wallis Budge, undated circa 1920. Sections Include: The Country of Babylonia and the Euphrates and Tigris, Babylonian Chronology and History, The City of Babylon, The Babylonian Story of the Creation, The Babylonian Story of the Flood, The Code of Laws of Khammurabi, Babylonian Religious and Magical Literature, Legends, etc., Babylonian Writing and Learning, The Excavations at Kish, Near Babylon. etc. etc. Hardcover with light shelfwear and soiling to boards. Inner pastedown contains part of the original dust jacket pasted. Also first blank page contains a pasted newspaper article announcing the death of the author.

  • Remembering Aleister Crowley

    Remembering Aleister Crowley by Kenneth Grant, published in 1991. Hardcover with original jacket, near fine.


    Aleister Crowley lecture booklet containing: Liber B Vel Magi, Liber Israfel, Liber Stellae Rubeae, etc. Softcover in stiff paper covers with light shelfwear and light soiling. 20 pages in length.

  • Magic into Science the Story of Paracelsus

    Magic Into Science The Story of Paracelsus by Henry M. Pachter, published in 1951. “The wonder healer and alchemist of the Renaissance whose feats led to the Faust myth– father of chemotherapy and foreshadower of modern psychiatry– outstanding, colorful figure in the transition from magic into science” “Being the true history of the troubled life, adventures, doctrines, miraculous cures, and prophesies of the most renowned, widely traveled, very learned and pious gentleman, scholar, and most highly experienced and illustrious physicus, the Honorable Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus ab Hohenheim, called Paracelsus, doctor of both medicines and professor of theology, also adept of the Holy Cabbala and expert of the alchemical art, friend of the common man and defender of liberty. He cured patients whom ordinary doctors had abandoned for doomed, and he knew wonderful elixirs that restore youth to the old.” Sections Include: The Errant Knight of Science, The Young Alchemist, Controversies of the Sixteenth Century, The Necromancer, On Nymphs, Gnomes, Giants, Incubi and Succubae, The Traveling Adept, The Elixir of Long Life, etc. etc. Hardback in original jacket with shelfwear to corners ends.

  • The Secret Rituals of the Golden Dawn

    The Secret Rituals of the Golden Dawn by R.G. Torrens, published in 1973. A beautiful copy of this work on the rituals, practices and symbols of some of the most guarded secret degree’s of the Golden Dawn system. Sections Include: The History of the Golden Dawn, The Holy Qabalah, The Ten Sephiroth, The Grade of Neophyte, The Zelator Ritual, Theoreticus Ritual, Members and Their Mottoes, etc. etc. Hardback with original pictoral jacket with some chipping to ends but in protective mylar.

  • The Lioness A Romance of the Riff Mountains

    The Lioness A Romance of the Riff Mountains by Ferdinand Ossendowski, published in 1929. Fourth Printing. Set in North Africa. Sections Include: Along The Old Caravan Track, The Vagabond, Among Snakes, Czar Asia, In the Kasba, The Path of Misery, The Revenge, etc. Hardcover with the scarce dust jacket with light chipping to corners and ends.

  • Christianity and American Freemasonry

    Christianity and American Freemasonry by William Whalen, published in 1958. Sections Include: Origin of Masonry, Masonic Initiation, Scottish and York Rites, The Masonic Oaths, Other Forbidden Secret Societies, etc. etc. Hardcover with original jacket with light shelfwear.

  • The Songs of Sidi Hammo

    Rendered into English for the First Time by R.L.N. Johnston

    Published in 1907

    The Parables of Sidi Hammo the ancient Berber poet. Sections Include:

    • In Praise of Fadma
    • Earthly Wisdom, Reflections
    • Lost Love, Fragments
    • At the Shrine of Fadma

    Hardcover with an unusual gilt design used to ward off the evil eye. Light shelfwear only.

  • The Baital Pachchisi

    The Baital Pachchisi or the Twenty Five Tales of a Sprite Translated from the Hindi Text of Dr. Duncan Forbes by John Platts, published in 1871. An unusual collection of ancient Hindu legends originally written in Sanskrit. Hardcover with bright gilt lettering on spine, light shelfwear only and occasional foxing to text.

  • Etruscan Magic and Occult Remedies

    By Charles Leland

    Published in 1963

    Sections Include:

    • Gods and Goblins
    • Walnut Witches
    • Hail and Cloud Men
    • Of Sorcery in Ancient Art
    • Incantations
    • Divination
    • Medicine
    • Amulets