• The Mothers in Faust The Myth of Time and Creativity

    The Mothers in Faust: The Myth of Time and Creativity by Harold Jantz, published in 1969. An indepth illustrated study of the ancient Faustian legend. Sections Include: The Eternal Woman, The Mysteries, Etc. Hardcover with original jacket, near fine.

  • Sigurdr: Rebirth and the Rites of Transformation

    Sigurdr: Rebirth and the Rites of Transformation by Stephen E. Flowers, published in 2011. According to the author this work belongs to a study of the history of religion and myth as it is a work of Germanic philology and is one of the most comprehensive treatments of the concepts of the soul in northern Germanic Tradition ever produced in English. Softcover with only the lightest shelfwear.

  • Lohengrin Son of Parsifal A Mystical Drama

    Lohengrin Son of Parsfal A Mystical Drama by Richard WagnerFreely Translated in Poetic Narrative Form by Oliver Huckel, published in 1905. Sections Include: The Mystic Champion, The Wedding Day, The Fatal Question. Hardcover in decorative embossed covers with light shelfwear only.

  • The Rhinegold & The Valkyrie

    The Rhinegold & The Valkyrie by Richard Wagner with Illustrations by Arthur Rackham, published in 1910. A classsic work of Germanic Mythology. Second impression. Hardcover with heavy shelfwear, especially to the spine. All illustrated plates present and pastedowns clean and tight.

  • Myth and Ritual in Christianity

    Myth and Ritual in Christianity by Alan Watts, published in 1953. Sections Include: In the Beginning, God and Satan, Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, The Passion, From Easter to Pentecost, The Four Last Things, etc. etc. Illustrated with line drawings, woodcuts, and photogravure Plates. Hardcover with light shelfwear.

  • The Songs of Sidi Hammo

    Rendered into English for the First Time by R.L.N. Johnston

    Published in 1907

    The Parables of Sidi Hammo the ancient Berber poet. Sections Include:

    • In Praise of Fadma
    • Earthly Wisdom, Reflections
    • Lost Love, Fragments
    • At the Shrine of Fadma

    Hardcover with an unusual gilt design used to ward off the evil eye. Light shelfwear only.

  • 1912 The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

    The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Translated into English Verse by Edward Fitzgerald with Illustrations Photographed from Life Studies by Adelaide Hanscom and Blanche Cumming, published in 1912. Unusual illustrations. Hardcover with shelfwear to corners and ends.