• Spiritualism and Theosophy Scientifically Examined and Carefully Described

    Spiritualism and Theosophy Scientifically Examined and Carefully Described by C.W. Leadbeater, published in 1928. Sections Include: Spiritualistic Phenomena, Evidences of Unknown Power, Light, Trance Speaking, Utilizing the Medium’s Body, Partial Materializations, Various Kinds of Lights, Clairvoyant Faculties, etc., etc. Hardcover with light shelfwear.

  • India’s Hood Unveiled South India Mysteries Astral and Spirit Sight

    India’s Hood Unveiled South India Mysteries Astral and Spirit Sight, Ancient Hindu Method for Clairvoyance, Hindu Levitation (Raising The Human Body in the Air). Hindu Method of Burial Alive, (Suspended Animation) Spirit Sight at Will. In Three Parts by A Native Hindu of South India prepared for publication under the editorship of Dr. L.W. de Laurence, published in 1910. Sections also Include: Hindu Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Clairvoyance and Trance, Practical Instructions How to Develop and Employ Occult and Spirit Power, etc., etc. Hardcover with light shelfwear only.

  • Why Are We Here?

    Why are We Here by F. Homer Curtiss, published in 1941. The author ran a sect called the Order of Christian Mystics. Sections Include: The Object of Physical Existence, New Dimensions, The Cloud Upon the Mountain, The Heaven World, etc. etc. Hardcover with light shelfwear.

  • The Origins of Christian Supernaturalism

    The Origins of Christian Supernaturalism by Shirley Case, published in 1946. Sections Include: Supernaturalism in the Ancient World, The Value of Apparitions, Channels of Revelation, The Human Approach to Gods, Supernatural Protection for Society, Divine Help for the Individual, The Destiny of the Soul, The Suppression of the Mind, The Survival of Supernaturalism, etc. etc. Hardcover with original jacket with light shelfwear.

  • Syzygy


    Reflections on the Monastery of the Seven Rays

    By Tau Palamas 

    The two worlds of Voudon and Gnosis merged together within the unique expression of a religious community called the Monastery of the Seven Rays. Having a history that is as colorful and mysterious as the variety of individuals involved in this esoteric movement of the spirit, the Monastery stands apart from traditional expressions of monasticism in the East and in the West by existing on a physical plane, but more especially by also being a psycho-spiritual locale, accessible to all who knock upon her celestial doors. For each Postulant of this Monastery there is a particular work to do, a particular Gnostic space to dwell within, and a particular sacred injunction to fulfill for the betterment of the globe. SYZYGY by Tau Palamas is one such legacy. It is simply the reflections of one student of this delightful and challenging superstructure of mind.

    –The Monastery of the Seven Rays.

    “This true Labor of Love offers one of the best introductions to our School and Work that we’ve read. From the curious seeker to the seasoned Pilgrim on the Path, there is guidance and illumination in this volume which will speak time and again to the deepest levels of spiritual longing…With gratitude to Tau Palamas, we whole heartedly recommend SYZYGY as one of the best books of the year!”

    –Kyle Fite, SGM, Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua & La Couleuvre Noire

    “A wonderful exposition and elaboration of the Monastery of Seven Rays material through the eyes of a true modern-day Christian mystic! I highly recommend it to anyone studying the work of Michael Bertiaux, but the Opus stands alone in that you could create a system of Work from this book alone! For those interested in Martinism and Ecclesiastical Gnosticism this book is also of great value, and certainly compliments the work of L’Ordre Martinesiste de Chenu (it is on the reading list)!  Highly recommended!”

    –Kevin Davis, Sov. Insp. V°, Ordre Martinesiste de Chenu